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Kids Need Nature...So Do We!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Do you want to know what we love?

We love that our children are so utterly at ease in nature. The other night we were sifting through photos and we came across our children sitting on a rock with a goat.

Now some children would retreat in fear or disgust, but our children sat on that rock thrilled that the goat was content to simply hang out with them.

Our son had one hand gently placed on the goat, while our daughter just sat gazing out at the distance.

Both totally relaxed.

Parenting is a tough journey and we often wonder if we are getting it right, but the one thing, one of the few things we know to be true is that our children are better with nature in their lives.

They are stronger for having the opportunity to climb mountains, to know hunger as they pull up a seat at a Berghaus table, and they are far more empathetic for meeting animals in their natural environment.

No, it’s not always easy, or perfect, but it’s worth every moment.

As parents, we are helping to paint the canvases that are our children’s lives.

And as of today, those canvases are rich with colorful sunrises and sunsets, grit and wonder.

And that’s worth celebrating.

So to all you adventuring parents out there, we think you are doing awesome.


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