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It's More Than Just Hiking

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Well, we are almost at the home stretch. Our new book, Fresh Air Kids - Hikes to Huts, is scheduled to publish in May of 2021. This project was conceived almost immediately after we published our first book and like all projects, this was a genuine labor of love. A project that was almost abandoned on more than one occasion. And because of that, sweat, tears and deep love are all embedded on those pages.

We don't care if this sound pompous, but we adore this book and all the hands and minds that helped create it. When you hand your heart over to something that means a great deal to you, you no doubt give over a piece of yourself. Some of our selves are included in those pages. Some of our tears have dripped on to those pages because this was never just about hiking. It's about manifesting dreams, sharing a world that has touched us with others so that they too can experience the magic.

But most of alI, it's remembering the people who no longer get to walk those beautiful trails with us.

So, here's to dreams and hard work and love. Love of people and places that have made our lives that much sweeter.

You can pre- order our book at or wait until May when it will be available in all major bookstores in English, German and French.


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