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How to Pack for a Hut

Updated: Jan 26

Hiking to huts is a gorgeous way to spend any summer. We’ve typically spend our summer months hiking to and staying at all of the incredible huts available to us in Switzerland. For some, this is an old tradition, while others are just getting their feet wet when it comes to staying the night in a hut.

If you plan to stay in a hut this summer, we include a helpful list below to get you started with your packing. Remember, we all travel differently and some of us love to embrace a minimalist mindset, while others prefer to have everything at the ready.

Listed below are the essentials, but for a comprehensive list, check out our latest book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland - Hikes to Huts.

1. Reservations - without reservations you risk arriving with no place to stay. Some huts book up far in advance, so book your reservation as soon as you get the itch to travel.

2. Determine if your hut requires a sleep sack. If so, don’t forget this valuable item for your stay.

3. Cash - some huts operate on a cash only basis. Know this before you go and pack plenty of cash to cover the overnight fee, food and water. Yes, lots of huts charge for drinking water! Don’t forget your wallet with all your necessary travel cards, including health insurance cards and identification cards for all members of your family.

4. A first aid kit is essential! Never leave home without it and make sure it is well stocked!

5. Sandals or indoor shoes. While many huts provide indoor shoes, as they require them inside the house, there is nothing better than taking off your boots at the end of a long day of hiking. Don’t forget these!

6. Poles for hiking, plenty of water for each person in your group, snacks, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

7. Layers of clothing for all weather and don’t forget a change of clean clothes for sleeping and eating your meals.

Here’s to an awesome hut experience! Oh, and if you are looking for some of our favorite huts, Berghotels and Berghaus recommendations, check out our latest book.


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