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Hiking with Children in Switzerland

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Switzerland is home to over 65,000km of impressive hiking trails, but where do you hike with children? We are familiar with that question because all those years ago when we welcomed our son into our lives we wondered the exact same thing.

After years of hiking, we thought it was time to put together a book that answers all of your pressing questions about hiking with children.

You know…

  • How do I hike with children?

  • Is it safe to hike with children?

  • Where do we hike with children?

  • How do we read trail markers and how do we know if the route is safe?

  • Is there anything fun, or of interest along the route for our children to see or do?

  • How do we keep our children hiking when the going gets tough?

In our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland we answer all of your questions and more.

With over 52 family approved hikes, in 19 of the 26 cantons in Switzerland, there is a hike waiting for you!


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