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Hiking to Swiss Huts with Kids

Many of us know that Switzerland has an incredible hut system. We use the term "hut" loosely to mean: mountain inns, mountain hotels, and SAC/CAS huts. Regardless of their status, they all are quite epic and each stand out for something in particular. We have had the privilege of hiking and staying in many of the huts throughout Switzerland and each time we walk away feeling deeply connected to this gorgeous country.

What some of you may not know is that hiking to huts with children is a remarkable experience and very possible. In our latest book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland - Hikes to Huts, we hand selected 36 huts that we personally hiked to and stayed in with our children. The information in our book is reliable because as a family we hiked, mapped and experienced each and every route. Our kids did too!

Most of the huts featured are overnight destinations, however, we included a few multi-day tours for those families looking for additional time and adventure in the Alps.

We tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your time as a family in one of the incredible Swiss Huts. If you feel slightly intimidated by the Swiss hut system, don't worry, we did too at first, but we assure you, hiking to a hut is an experience you will not want to miss.

We did our best to include everything you need to know for a successful family experience. We list all the details of staying overnight including what to pack (checklists for ease), hut etiquette, the route, the difficulty rating, what to expect at the hut in terms of amenities and services, child-friendly activities in the area, GPX files, games to entertain children on the trail and more!

So this summer, make it your mission to experience one of Switzerland's gorgeous huts. Often perched high in the mountains, you will arrive after a rich hiking experience only to witness vast skies, fabulous views as you and your family are immersed in nature.

Some of our most memorable experiences have been hiking to a hut. Cozy accommodations, delicious food and a lively atmosphere are all waiting for you upon your arrival. Please add a hut to your summer bucket list if it isn't already part of your plan. We think it's time for you to witness Switzerland like never before!

Every single little detail of hiking to and staying in a Swiss Hut is outlined in our book,

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland - Hikes to Huts, available in English, French and German.

Fall into the gently rhythm of hiking and enjoy some of Switzerland's most beautiful mountain inns in scenic locations. The alpine meadows, picturesque lakes and snow-covered peaks you will encounter are certain to impress. Take the time to slow down as a family and enjoy nature like never before. The planning has been done, so you can hit the trails and make the most of the hiking seasons!


That's our family motto for summer adventures!


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