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Hiking Might Just be the Perfect Sport

Updated: Apr 20

When we think of sports, we are often flooded with images of gyms, bulging muscles and ripped bodies. We certainly appreciate a good indoor workout just like the next guy, but there is something to be said for the simple art of walking. As a species, we been participating in the act of walking for millions of years. We've had plenty of time to refine that skill. Walking, might just be the most underrated and overlooked sport there is.

Not Much Skill Required

Walking, for most of us is an innate skill. Unlike other sports that require skills such as hand-eye coordination, speed, agility and mental toughness, hiking is a rather straightforward endeavor. If you have a positive attitude and interest in getting out there, hiking is within reach.

Hiking is available in various levels from: easy paths, to Alpine trekking, all you have to do is select the route that is best sited for your skill level.

Limited Equipment

While we are all about being prepared on the trail, the equipment required for hiking does not need to be extensive. We always recommend sturdy hiking boots, comfortable outdoor clothing (weather appropriate), a hat, sunscreen, a map, a full water bottle, food and a cell phone.

For safety reasons, always carry a first aid kit and know the number for Switzerland's air rescue, Rega (1414). Other than those few items, you don't need much else.

Much of the gear required is relatively inexpensive, except for the boots, those cost a fortune.

Solo or in Community

Hiking is the perfect opportunity to step away from the daily noise in our lives. If you plan to hike alone for peace and solitude, it is always recommended you inform someone when and where you are hiking for safety reasons. Solo hiking is often the time to connect with yourself and your thoughts. If you are adventuring alone, it is best to select a trail you are familiar with and go adequately prepared.

If you are looking to build community, there is no better way (in our humble opinion) to create meaningful relationships. Over the years, we have met some of the most beautiful people on the trail. Those connections oftentimes, run deep and are everlasting.


If you are new to a city, research hiking groups in your area, or consider starting one yourself. Eventbrite is a fabulous way to generate an activity and promote it in your local area.

If you are new to Switzerland and would like to better understand trail markers in this country, please look, here, here and here.

You Don't Have to go Far

The beauty of walking or hiking is that you can literally walk out of your door and get going. The benefits of this type of immediacy are vast. No barrier to entry, accessibility, and instantaneous physical activity are all but a few of the benefits.

If you have access to incredible places to hike, then heck, why not take full advantage of what your country has to offer. A hike in a gorgeous location is oftentimes incentive enough to head outdoors. In addition, the physical and mental benefits of hiking mountains are quite appealing. Grab a friend or two and discover a new trail. You will be all the better for it!

The Many Benefits of Walking

There are countless studies proving that walking is a very healthy endeavor. From boosting immune function, to improving mood, easing joint pain, and contributing to a healthy heart, walking is one the easiest forms of exercise we can participate in. Fresh air and sunshine add additional health benefits when we take our walks outside.

Nature is also the ideal location for providing inspiration and mental clarity. It's no wonder some of our greatest minds and thinkers sought refuge outdoors. From Theodore Roosevelt, to Henry David Thoreau, to Jane Goodall, John Muir and Hemingway; they all knew nature was perfect for providing the inspiration they needed for their work.

So the next time you are in search of a mental break, or looking for a way to connect with other people, consider a hike. Hikes are Mother Nature's simple way of making us smile, contributing to good health and connecting us to beautiful spaces. Hiking might just be the most transformative exercise for the body, mind and the spirit. So, what are you waiting for?


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