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Hiking in Bannalp, Switzerland

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

We've started a new tradition in our family, which is to celebrate birthdays (for the adults at least) by participating in a day hike. When the children are in school, or at our sides, we select a scenic location and head out. It's a beautiful way to celebrate a special day and the weather is usually in our favor, as three of us celebrate birthdays during the summer months.

The area was the perfect way to spend a day immersed in nature. With little traffic and void of tourists, this is the ideal location for a peaceful day hike. The views were stunning, the air was fresh and the hike was not too strenuous. On a side note, we almost had the trails for ourselves, which made the day ever so peaceful. We enjoyed this hike as a couple, but the lake loop is very possible with children! Enjoy the lake, especially during the summer months!

Special Features:

  • Absolutely stunning views throughout.

  • We would rate this route as moderate in terms of ascents and descents if you elect to hike the extension above the lake.

  • Ideal for children familiar with hiking, or for families who would like to just hike around the lake.

  • Parking is available at Fellboden. The lift is small and you may need to call the lift operator to ride the gondola. That's part of the fun!

  • There were plenty of cows and goats during our visit!


This route is not stroller-friendly if you plan to hike the extension (perhaps leave the extension to the adults in the group!

We wouldn't really want to push an all terrain stroller around the lake and it may not fit on the tiny gondola!

Bring a carrier instead for ease of travel.

Be Aware:

  • The extension portion of the hike may be slippery in the rain.

  • Be aware of the gondola operating times.

  • Parking is located at Fellboden.

  • A bus stop is located at Oberrickenbach, Talstation (close to Fell), which is a short walk to Fellboden lift station.

  • Check the Bannalp website for weather and details before heading out!

  • There are two lifts located in close proximity to each other. Take the lift that goes to Bannalpsee, not Chrüzhütte!

Additional Details:

  • Gasthaus Bannalpsee is located at the lake (open mid-May through Mid-October) and serves meals and provides overnight accommodations

  • Alphütte Oberfeld (1825 m) serves food and has a very friendly dog!

  • There is a small theme trail (Dwarf trail with a few stations) at the lake, however, it did not appear open during our visit in late June.

Here is the route!

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