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Healthy Eating this Winter

This month our article for Momizen focused on health. You might be asking why Fresh Air Kids is serving up nutrition advice? Great question. I studied in New York City at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a certified Holistic Health Coach. Plus, I have always loved the topic of nutrition. In my latest article, I provide a few practical tips and tricks to help individuals winterize their health. Keep in mind, however, that nutrition is a very individual journey. So while I offer ideas, please adapt those ideas and recipes to best suit your needs.

The interesting thing about nutrition is that, your nutrition may not look like my nutrition and that is OK. We are not all biochemically or physically the same. How could we be? A one - sized fits all approach to nutrition or medicine for that matter, doesn't make sense. How could it? I have never believed that eating should be dogmatic, rather, it should be a trial and error personal experience that is adaptable. My nutrition needs today are very different today than what my nutrition needs were when I was 20, pregnant, nursing, or training for a race. The beautiful thing about nutrition is, if you are tuned into your body, your body will tell you what it needs. Listen to those needs and allow them to guide you. Reading journals, books and studies help too!

To read the full article please visit: Momizen's website. Here's to a healthy and happy winter!


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