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Fresh Air Kids Top Picks for Mother‘s Day in Switzerland

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Happy Mother's Day! This is one day of the year I curate with great thought. The one day of the year (besides my birthday of course) when not only do I reflect on my own mothers (thank you for everything), but also what it means to mother my two incredible children. And if we are being completely honest, it is a day that I give myself permission to not cook a meal, clean a dish or fret over how many veggies my children have consumed, if they got enough sleep and if they have bathed. Nope, I try to let that all go and instead just breathe them in fully because I see how quickly they grow.

However you hope to spend your day, may it be filled with warm hugs, tiny hands on your face and hearts filled with joy.

If you are looking for a few ideas on how to spend your special day, we have listed a few of our favorites below.

Picture Perfect Lake Views:








If are looking for specific details for these areas, all but Morges are covered in our book,

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland

Charming Towns:






Museum Day:

The Transportation Museum in Lucerne (Verkehrshaus) - Open daily from 10:00 - 18:00

Chillon Castle - Open daily until 18:00 - please purchase tickets online

(check websites for opening times and any restrictions)

Gift Ideas:

We are so big on experiences. I would rather have an experience than almost anything, especially now that I completely understand how fleeting my children’s childhoods are. I want to create as many memories with them as possible.


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