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Fresh Air Kids Switzerland - The Origin Story

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

All good stories have an origin.

Our story started way back in the States when we visited family in Colorado.

Together we hiked Mount Audobon at 13,299 ft.

I will never forget reaching the summit and looking out at the vastness.

Mountains and sky stretched on forever.

There was a captivating simplicity to it all and something happened at that moment.

A spark was ignited and we were in love.

When we moved to Switzerland we had the opportunity to rekindle our love of hiking and the mountains.

A welcome return to a simple life.

We quickly spent most of our time exploring the Alps, getting to know those unfamiliar places and our love blossomed.

Once we found out we were expecting our first child, we made a simple promise.

A promise to continue to do what we loved and share our love of the natural world with our children without exception.

Throughout both of my pregnancies I continued to hike the full nine months and once our children were born, we strapped them onto our backs and kept going.

We fed crying babies on the trail, stopped to change diapers and together, over the years, we fell deeper into Switzerland’s natural landscapes.

I’d like to think that despite our city address, our children grew up in the mountains.

It’s not always been perfect or easy, but it’s what we do.

Nature has become our thing; our sacred time as a family to explore, experience and fall into each other. We are always better outside, always.

And that’s our origin story.

Out of that love and those countless moments, we created the Fresh Air Kids.

The family that wants to break down the barriers of spending quality time outside so that more families have the opportunity to witness the magic!

Because there is SO much magic out there!

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