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Hikes to Huts - Fresh Air Kids Switzerland

Updated: Jan 26

Our book has finally arrived and is currently making its debut in all of the bookstores in Switzerland!

If you are curious to know what exactly is in our latest creation, we will provide you with a detailed overview below.

We include four distinct chapters, broken down in detail for our readers from a family that has been hiking in Switzerland for the last 14 years with our two children.

  • Chapter one reviews why nature is so fundamental in our lives.

  • Chapter two profiles how exactly to hike to huts and trust us, we did not leave out any of the details!

  • Chapter three includes all of the hikes to huts and multi-day adventures for all skill levels. Including an easy color coded key to help guide you.

  • Chapter four is the fun chapter. This is the chapter that encourages excitement along the way with loads of activities and educational information for the children in your group!

Summer is the ideal time to make the most of Switzerland's 65,000 km of groomed hiking trails.

Hiking to a hut is a gorgeous experience the entire family will enjoy and we provide you with everything you need to know to make each and every excursion a true success!

How do we know? Well, we have spent the last two years hiking to over 36 huts in some of Switzerland's most stunning locations as a family.

Happy trails!


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