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Fresh Air Kids Switzerland Books - GPX Files

Did you know that all three of our books:

contain free GPX files whenever you purchase a copy of one of our travel guides? Yes, that is right. We provide detailed maps of each hike, overnight stay, and winter excursion for your convenience. We list everything you need to know in the GPX files from: toilet locations, to picnic benches, grilling areas, areas of caution, playgrounds and more! If you thought the fun maps in the books were all there was to our hikes, nope! We took the hard work out of planning, so you can get out there and make the most of your outdoor time!

While we mention the GPX files in all of our books, we want to remind you that detailed routes for all of the hikes profiled in our books are available through the Helvetiq website. Simply visit Helvetiq’s website for the information you need to make your next outdoor adventure a success!

Here's to continued and easy adventures in 2023!


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