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Fresh Air Kids 2 - Hikes to Huts

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We are happy to announce that the sequel to our first book, Fresh Air Kids - 52 Inspiring Hikes That Will Make Kids and Parents Happy, is coming in the spring of 2021!

Hikes to Huts

This book is the ideal travel guide for families with older kids, who are looking for overnight trips to the Swiss Alps. With 32 descriptions of hikes to huts and multi-day adventures, families are inspired to spend more time in nature. The book contains maps, diagrams and all necessary information for a successful multi-day trip. The last chapter is full of ideas on how keep children of all ages busy and how to entertain them during the hikes. Just leaf through the pages, choose a hike and grab your backpack. This hiking season, confidently take to the excellently signposted hiking trails and enjoy wonderful experiences and incredible views.

What you will like:

- Outdoor adventures for the whole family

- 32 hikes for beginners and advanced hikers

- With practical tips for every hike

- Overnight stays at gorgeous locations

- All information for: SAC, CAS, Mountain Hotels and Mountains Houses are included

- Scenic destinations the entire family will enjoy

- Sequel to the bestseller Fresh Air Kids Switzerland

Pre-Order Now! Fresh Air Kids - Hikes to Huts


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