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Favorite Outdoor Films - Part I

We are absolute suckers for good outdoor films. Shoot, if we are not out in nature ourselves, the next best thing is seeking inspiration from a fabulous film or documentary. It's safe to say we have enjoyed our share of outdoor movies over the years and we thought we would bring you our absolute favorites for the times you need inspiration, or at least some entertainment on a Friday night.

The films below are in no particular order, but we appreciate them all for every different reasons. The first round, of what we hope will be a three part series, will take us to YouTube, so the films are accessible and free.

Now, get ready to dive deep into the world of outdoor heroes, hilarious adventurers and pretty incredible humans.

First up, from YouTube...

The High Life by Patagonia

This single film captures exactly why we wrote our second book. Hut life is simple and majestic, charming and wild. Void of the influences of the modern world, hut life strips down all the unnecessary noise of our daily lives and thrives off of only the essentials. In this crazy world, we long for remote landscapes where thoughts are clearer and the air is fresh. Plus, it's an incredible way to teach your children that excess doesn't bring happiness. Nature brings happiness - always!

Girls Gotta Eat Dirt - If you need a promo or a way to endorse women in cycling, look no further! Crazy cool skills, fantastic humor, this little ditty makes us nostalgic for our college days in a very big way! Nothing like bikes and girls who love sports! It's sporty, spicy and downright fun! Enough said!

Arc'teryx: Motherload - The Motherload is a series that profiles two incredible women who are professional skiers, mothers, best friends and much, much more. Izzy Lynch and Tessa Treadway navigate motherhood alone and together in these touching films. This series is super sweet and always deeply honest. Just watching these short films makes me realize all the hats mothers must wear in order to get through a single day! Here's to us for making the impossible possible!

DamNation – The Problem with Hydropower by Patagoinia

As we move forward in a world that has been ravaged by human greed and consumption, we look to "greener" alternatives. While there are positives to hydropower, this film sheds a necessary light on the dark side of dams. It's worth a watch to understand why hydropower is so controversial.

The North Face: Lhotse ft. Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison

This film is a heartbreaker to watch knowing Hillaree Nelson recently lost her life in a skiing accident in Nepal. The film profiles Hilaree and her partner, Jim Morrison, as they attempt to ski one of the tallest mountains in the world. This film is a visual wonder and will leave your heart racing as these two incredible athletes and their crew, prep for an athletic first.


It’s not necessarily an outdoor movie, but a deeply moving film about a man and his dog. Told from Denali's perspective, this film makes us weep every. single. time. The bond between man and dog is profound and this film profiles that perfectly.This movie captured our hearts in a very BIG way.

Free As Can Be - Such a beautiful mixture of wisdom and youth that come together to rock climb. We just adore that friendship knows no age or limits for that matter, in this film. There is such a vibrant spirit that encapsulates this film, that makes us want to get out there for as long as we possibly can. The two climbers are delightful and charming in the best ways possible.

Next up, outdoor movies!


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