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Connbächli - Boat Trail - Flims

Updated: Apr 2

Undeniably beautiful, the Flims area is a popular destination for families of all ages. Tucked deep within the forest, the Connbächli trail is a gem! Once the longest waterway in Flims, now the old water path has been converted into the exciting Connbächli trail.


Before you start this path, there are a few important things to know.

One, your child will be surrounded by water for the majority of this hike, therefore, good hiking boots that are waterproof will be essential. You may even wish to place your child in rain pants for this one.

Secondly, you need a boat! You may either enjoy a family activity of constructing your own boat out of wood, or you can easily make a boat out of tree bark, stick and leaves. For those that are short on time or inspiration, boats can be purchased at the Tourist Bureau in Flims Laax Falera or at the Laax Murschetg Valley location. The boats are available for purchase (costing roughly CHF 25.00). We opted to make our own boats (one for each child to avoid meltdowns), which was a fun project.


Once you start the trail, the fun begins. Simply place your boat in the water and watch how it twists, turns and moves through the waterway. There are a few tricky sections to navigate both for the boat and yourselves, but this path provides non-stop entertainment for children of all ages. The adventure in this route lies in the opportunity to successfully get your boat down the stream without losing it (oh do we have stories to tell) or falling in the water.

Side Trip 

At the end of the trail, do not miss the opportunity to hike to the the Il Spir Platform where you will have commanding views of what is known at the “Swiss Grand Canyon.” The views from this area are spectacular. This is easily one of the most gorgeous lookout points in Switzerland.

The Il Spur Platform was constructed by Corinna Menn, an architect based in Chur. The platform opened in 2006 and provides 180° views of this impressive area. This platform is open year-round. Make your way either back along the Connbächli path, or on the walking paths to the Caumasee parking lot.


For another adventurous idea, consider the Rhine Gorge Adventure Train. This train typically runs from the end of April through the end of October and winds passengers through the Rhine Gorge. The views are impressive and route runs from Landquart to LLanz each Saturday and Sunday.


Kid Approved:

This is one of those special hikes that appeals to children of all ages. Our young teens loved it!


Create your own boat from scratch. This is a great activity for children, which will make them all the more excited to hike this special route!

Materials Required to make your boat:

  • A small piece of wood

  • String

  • A metal hook (or hole for the string)

  • A dowel or stick (for the mast)

  • A saw (please monitor your children with this tool)

  • A set of drills

  • We constructed simple boats that were perfect for this path.

  • Please do not glue anything onto your boat, as it may come off in the water. In addition, if you opt to paint your boat, please use an eco - friendly paint that will not melt away in the water.


Special Features:

  • This trail is absolutely delightful!

  • The route is child-friendly and children of all ages will adore this hike! We did!

  • This is the perfect hike on a hot summer day!

  • The trail is open from April/May to October/November depending on weather.

  • There is a playground just by the parking lot.

Be Aware:

  • Your children may get wet on this route, so please be prepared. Any extra set of clothes may be helpful!

  • Check the website for details as to whether the trails is open. If there are heavy rains, or an excessive number of leaves in the waterway, the trail will not be open to the public.

  • It is possible to lose your boat in one of the tunnels. We recommend picking your boat out of the water before these passings.

  • Despite how fun this trail is, it will take the better part of a day to complete. Be prepared with snacks, lunch, water and extra clothing.

  • There are no toilets along the route except for the restaurant at Conn.

  • There is no drinking water for the majority of the route.

  • This is not a stroller-friendly hike!

  • You will be required to cross over tree routes, jump over the waterway and navigate tricky terrain. Good hiking boots are a must!


Contact Details:

Via Nova 62

7017 Flims



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