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Clean - Up Tour 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

On Saturday, May 29, 2021 the Fresh Air Kids participated in a Clean-Up day in Grindelwald. With the help of 30 incredible volunteers and the Summit Foundation, we were able to take to the mountains and remove trash from the places we love.

We started the morning at 9:15 with an informational briefing, received safety gloves, trash bags and headed up to First. We quickly broke up into two groups and made our way, throughout the day down the mountain, collecting loads of rubbish. Too much trash for our gorgeous mountain spaces.

At the end of the day, we were able to weigh the amount of trash collected, which turned out to be a whopping 26 kilos! We collected some real gems including an old record, large metal pieces, tons of plastic, so, so many cigarette butts (please, to all the smokers of this world, your cigarettes ARE trash and deserve to be disposed of properly. Cigarettes actually release 150 chemicals into the world and are harmful to our planet).

Thank you to all of those who turned up to protect the places we love. We met some really cool people, but we've always known volunteers to be pretty dope people. Thank you to the Summit Foundation and Grindelwald Tourism for making this day possible! We are grateful that you took the time to organize such an important event!

Final note: As we were hiking down the mountain on Sunday, prior to reaching the village, we spotted these sweet calves. They were a friendly crew and came right over to greet us. We quickly realized the cow on the left was chewing/chocking on something. Within about two minutes, he chocked up a major piece of plastic. A fence post of sorts. We all stood in horror as this poor creature struggled with the hard plastic right before our eyes. We quickly removed the piece and searched the area for more plastic, which we sadly found.

This was the worst visual representation of why plastic and trash have NO place in the mountains. Our children understood why their efforts mattered this weekend and our hope is that calf is safe and sound.

Let us work hard to protect nature and all the animals that call these special places their home.

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