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Brunnen to Gersau, Schwyz


Hiking in the autumn is absolutely stunning. We've recently discovered our love of forests this time of the year. Ripe with color, the smell of leaves and the opportunity to spot wild mushrooms, all add to the simple joys of hiking. Throw in lake views, and you might just have us captured! Not to mention, hiking in the Lake Lucerne area is delightful any time of the year!

On a sleepy autumn day, we elected to hike part of the historical and cultural trail known as the Waldstätterweg (Route 98). While this route is seven stages long, starting in Brunnen and finishing in Rütli and typically lasts seven days due to the 113 km to be covered, we opted to cut the first leg a bit short taking us from Brunnen to Gersau. We have yet to complete the Waldstätterweg in its entirety, but it is certainly on our list.

While the first portion of the hike was along a highway (our least favorite of all hiking routes) the hike redeemed itself quickly when it crossed the road and ducked deep into the forest. Free of traffic noise and virtually alone on the trail, we were able to relax into this route. The forest vegetation was thick, which didn't provide the commanding views of the lake we were hoping to see, but on occasion, the trees would give way providing those gorgeous views of the lake we have come to appreciate.

One of the best aspects of this hike was our ability to hop on the boat in Gersau and take a dreamy cruise back to Brunnen. It was the perfect way to end a lovely autumn hike!


Follow the trail markers for Waldstätterweg (Route 98), with your end destination being Gersau.

Trail Markers:

Brunnen Schifflände > Oberholz > Fluhegg > Gersau

Special Features:

  • This is not a stroller-friendly route.

  • Parking is available in Brunnen.

  • We recommend opting for a boat ride from Gersau back to Brunnen, but a bus is also available.

  • This is part of the Waldstätterweg Trail #98


If you would like to avoid the road portion of the hike, start the hike at Brunnen, Seeschlössli (Bus Stop). This will cut off the first 4 km, and the nice area leaving Brunnen.

Be Aware:

  • There are toilet facilities at the Brunnen and Gersau boat docks.

  • No drinking water is available on the route, so please bring plenty.

  • Pack a picnic lunch, as there are limited food options along the trail.

  • This hike starts out as a yellow (T1) quickly turns to white-red-white (T2) when entering the forest. Please wear proper hiking boots.

  • Poles might be helpful for this route.

  • There are several locations where the trail crosses the road, use caution!

  • There are a few areas of the trail that offer chain holds for safety, please watch your children carefully in these sections.


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