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Book Launch Appreciation

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Yesterday, on June 19th, friendly faces and strangers gathered to help us launch our latest creation into the world. We cannot tell you how grateful we were to all of those who attended and who have been cheerleaders throughout this project. Thank you!

Together, we shared stories and hiked through Muttenz. We had a fabulous time walking through forests, finding frogs, and visiting horse and cow farms. Attendees were entertained with the scavenger hunts and the gentle breeze that was kind enough to blow on us. Overall, the day was a massive success and we left feeling humbled by the kindness of others. We even had a friend ride her bike an hour to say "hello" and to wish us luck before she quickly departed again. Honestly, people are incredible and we are pumped to know so many awesome humans!

We managed to check all the items off our list for a perfect book launch.

  • Super awesome people

  • Lots of nature

  • Great conversations

  • Children immersed in the natural world

  • Building connections

Honestly, we could not have asked for more!

This photo includes the creative genius behind the graphics and layout of our books!

Felix, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

*Special note on images, while we have other images that captured the true essence of this special day, we did not want to post photos of people without their permission.


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