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Basler Läckerli Huus Tour

Basler Läckerli are a sweet staple in the region. These spicy biscuits that have a very unique taste are flavored with honey, nuts (almonds and hazelnuts), Kirsch (cherry liquor) and candied orange and lemon peels. The top of each biscuit is covered in a sugary glaze that make these small treats a delight year-round. Enjoy with a cup of warm tea during the autumn months and you might just have the perfect snack.

Dating back to the 17th century, these sweets treats first appeared in cookbooks. The Läckerli Huus dates back to 1904. Today, the company not only makes the delicious biscuits, but has expanded their collection to include chocolates, caramels, among other sweet delights.

If you are looking for a rainy day activity or a tour that is certain to bring smiles to the faces of visitors and/or family members, check out the Läckerli Huus located in Frenkendorf, Baselland. The tour, also known as the, "World of Indulgence" doesn't take too long, roughly 30 minutes, but the timing is up to each visitor. Tour tour includes informational boards about the history of the Läckerli Huus and their products. Plenty of samples are available throughout the tour, but pace yourself, as you might just experience a sugar overload! One of the highlights of this tour includes watching the onsite videos of the actual production of the goods.

Plan Your Visit:

The Läckerli Huus is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 - 17:00, however, production is finished each day at 16:00. On Saturday, the Huus is open from 10:00 - 16:00. The last admission is one hour before closing time. Please note that no production takes place on Saturdays.

The cost of admission is CHF 8.00 for adults and CHF 3.00 for children. The admission price for adults includes a CHF 5.00 voucher for the onsite shop. If you are traveling in a group of 12 or more, it is imperative that you book your tour in advance.

For more details visit the Läckerli Huus.


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