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A Swiss Summer

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Summer was glorious. Those sweet days rolled over ever so quickly, but they felt magical, much like the summer days of childhood. Long, hot moments stretched before us as we greeted familiar faces that we haven't seen in far too long. We gathered around tables, enjoyed communal meals, dove into the deepness of life, shared natural spaces and hugged a bit more than normal. Each time one of our special guests turned to walk out a door, we felt a clutch of sadness, wondering how long it will be until we greet one another again. Still grateful for their visits, but heavyhearted over their departures. And that, we were once again reminded, is the dance of life. Hello and good-bye circling around and around.

This summer was also riddled with adventure. Though we won't divulge all of our escapades in a single dump embedded in this post, we will say that were were giddy with excitement at the chance to try new opportunities that more often than not, pushed us out of our comfort zones. We laughed, trembled, got soaking wet and had our minds blown with the adventures that ensued. By far, this was our most daring summer on record.

During those precious few weeks we celebrated major life events. Our daughter's birthday, which marked one more year she has graced us with her presence and gave us time to reflect on how much sweeter our lives are with our children. We marked 20 years of marriage, which upon reflections feels like a mere moment since we said, "I do," and a lifetime of curating an existence we adore. We said an official good-bye to a dear friend by carrying out a final wish. That single moment will forever be etched in my heart for as long as I shall live. This summer, and all of its moments, were a reminder that this life and all of its beauty, including all of its heartache, are worth enduring.

We promised ourselves that we would wind down come the beginning of August. After a year that has been intense, wild and awakening (and it's only August) we thought pacing down was necessary. Time to linger by a pool with a book in hand, to sleep in and slowly sip coffee, but lately, that is not our style. We have become awakened to the fact that moments are fleeting and thus felt compelled to remain in motion. To hike just one more path, to try one new experience, to say "Yes!" when we thought we would reply with, "We can do that later." No, we didn't move slowly, but we filled our weeks with love, experiences and beautiful people.

Looking back at the summer of 2022, we don't regret a single thing. The only thing that we wish we had, like most others, is more time. Time to dance in the sunlight, share new moments with friends, laugh a bit longer, hug a bit tighter, marvel at the beauty of a place that after all these years still takes our breath away. And as we move into a new academic year where schedules will ensue and the ease of summer will fade, we remind ourselves that though this season will quickly come to an end, this life is continual; it keeps going and is meant to be lived fully. This summer, we did just that as a family and for those who no longer have the opportunity to experience the wonders of it all.


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