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5 Fun Halloween Activities near Zurich

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

This guest post was created by Maria Karachaliou Pradelli from Momizen.

Photos provided by Fresh Air Kids.

Halloween is not a traditional Swiss holiday, but it has become more popular over the years. Children and teenagers embrace this holiday and welcome the opportunity to dress up and have fun. For those of you who want to celebrate Halloween this season Momizen has picked some Halloween activities that are enjoyable for all ages!

1. Go Trick- or-Treating

Trick-or-Treating is a must do activity on Halloween evening, celebrated on October 31st. You can arrange an exchange of visits with family friends and neighbors to enjoy the creative costumes children wear and participate in handing out candy. Just make sure you have agreed with families in advance to confirm they are open to participating. Please make sure to have more than enough candy for everyone! This is also the perfect opportunity to take lots of photos.

2. Make Your Own Masks

Children love doing crafts and making a Halloween mask can be really fun! Plan a visit in October, between 1:30pm and 6:00pm to the Art Room Horgen, the creative art and painting space. Consider taking part in the Halloween workshop “Halloween anticipation: tinkering with masks.”

Children and adults can make funny or scary masks using paint, cardboard, paper, feathers and/or rhinestones. Just remember to bring along lunch and snacks. To find out all the details, please visit the Art Room Horgen’s website. If you missed the opportunity this year, mark your calendar for next year.

3. Paint or Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of the year! We like to eat them, paint them and carve them! At Juckerhof in Seegräben and Bächlihof Jona there is always something exciting happening for children.

The ultimate farm experience takes place in Pfäffikersee, founded by the Jucker family. Take your children on a family trip to the pumpkin patch where they can interact with animals, enjoy the playground and admire the gigantic pumpkin sculptures exhibited each year. Afterward, enjoy carving the pumpkins you collected and leave them outside your front door as decoration.

4. Enjoy the Fresh Air

Go for a family hike on Sattel Hochstückli, where kids and adults take a gondola up to various trails that lead to small huts and a friendly goat farm along the way. The area has a toboggan run and multiple bouncy castles, which are open until October 30th! Sattel Hochstückli is the ideal countryside outing and in close proximity to Zurich.

5. Watch Halloween Movies

Time for a good old-fashioned scare! Put on some Halloween favorites like Hocus Pocus or the sequel “Hocus Pocus 2.” Pop some popcorn and snuggle on the couch all together in dim lightning. Here is a list with the best Halloween movies for kids. You can even make bets about who will scream out in fear first.

Enjoy the many activities you can participate in this Halloween around Zurich. Remember that Halloween is all about fun and a good scare!


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