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Robert and Melinda left America in 2007 to accept an international work assignment in Switzerland. With little understanding how their lives would change, looking back now accepting that assignment was one of the best decisions they ever made. Now, with two children, careers and a passion for the mountains, Melinda and Robert are happy to share their love of the natural world with other families around the globe.




When Melinda is not hiking in the Swiss Alps, she can be found with her family, which includes her husband and her two children. She is currently an educator, curriculum designer and co-author of two books, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland and Fresh Air Kids Switzerland-My Book of Discoveries. Oh, and did she mention she is in absolute awe of the Swiss Alps and has a secret desire to live in the Alps?




Is a husband, father, photographer, co-author, and pursuer of baked goods.  It’s not what you do outside that matters, it is that you are outside. The outdoors can inspire us, keep us fit, challenge us, and humble us. As parents, and co-authors, we strongly believe in the power of nature, and the positive effects it has on us and children.

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Interested in making the most of the natural world....we can help!


If there is an image on our site that resonates with you and you are interested in purchasing a particular picture, please know our images are for sale. The more people we can inspire with the beauty of the Swiss landscapes, the happier we are.


Tailor Made Curriculum and Nature Courses

Suitable for children grades Kindergarten through sixth

With years of curriculum design and educational experience, Melinda can customize educational programs for schools, forest playgroups, families and homeschoolers. If you are interested in having a program designed and tailored to fit your specific needs, please contact Melinda directly.


Guest Lecturers and Speakers

After 12 years of hiking all over the Swiss Alps with our family, we bring our experience, our expertise and adventures to our listeners. If your company, organization or non-profit is interested in a well crafted, highly interactive talk entitled, “The Education of Nature,” please contact us. After delivering talks to broad audiences in Switzerland, participants will walk away feeling educated and inspired with a greater understanding of why spending adequate time in nature is essential for our physical and emotional well-being.



If your school, organization, library, or café is offering an educational program, unit or theme based on nature/outdoors/local activities, etc. and you are looking for someone to speak to, read to and/or inspire little people to spend more time outside, please contact us.

We’d be happy to share our love of the natural world with children of all ages. Don’t worry; we’ll make it fun, engaging and absolutely inspiring!


Custom Made Tours of the Swiss Alps

If you are new to Switzerland or simply visiting the country for a period of time, we are happy to curate a travel itinerary to suit your personal abilities and interests. With extensive travel experience through Switzerland and 12 years of residing in the country, let us guide you to the most beautiful, family-friendly locations in this remarkable country.