Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are English classes important?

English is a global language that helps children become immersed and capable citizens of the world. English is a standard part of the Swiss school curriculum and by grasping and studying the language early; students will have a strong skill set when it comes time to enter into an English-speaking environment.


2. My child is not a native speaker of English; can he or she still receive tutoring?

Yes, I am happy to introduce non-native speakers to the English language and therefore, no previous English language skills are required to participate in tutoring or workshops.


3. Is Melinda a qualified teacher?

Yes, I received a Master’s degree in education from the United States and I am certified to teach primary grades. I have years of experience teaching students from preschool through college level.


I am also a curriculum designer and have been creating academic programs for a number of years. In addition, I am a published author of the following books: Fresh Air Kids Switzerland and Fresh Air Kids – My Book of Discoveries.


4. How many children will be in each learning workshop?

I value small class sizes and the level of learning that can take place with just a few students. Therefore, no workshop will exceed three students. Due to the limited number of students, your child will receive individual, personal attention during each session. Please know that with just a few offerings per week, it is essential to register your child in advance.


5.  Will my child receive homework?

Children can expect to receive a minimal amount of homework to support their learning outside of the workshop and to reinforce concepts we have covered. Reading is an essential component of tutoring/workshops and therefore, I highly recommend students read each and every week.


6. Can the workshops be tailored to meet my child’s individual needs?

Absolutely! It is my goal to offer relevant, timely and helpful class sessions to all of my students. If your child has an area in which you would like him or her to focus on, please let me know. In addition, if you child has a particular interest that I can incorporate into the learning session, please communicate that with me and I will do my best to accommodate those interests to help create an exciting learning environment for your child.


7.  What is the structure of each tutoring session or workshop? What is a workshop?

Each tutoring session or workshop will have a strong focus on one if not all three pillars of language acquisition: reading, writing and speaking. Whether through reading a book of interest, an article or a poem, children will work on their reading and comprehension skills. Students will write frequently in the class with a strong focus on grammar, spelling and overall writing structure.  Through conversation and dialogue, children will focus on their pronunciation and ease of speaking abilities.


I use the word “workshop” as a way to encourage the students to focus on a particular, theme or a specific aspect of learning through a hands-on approach. Workshops typically consist of two to three students, depending upon registration; otherwise, if only one student registers, the class will be held in a private tutoring format. If parents want their child to be privately tutored, please stipulate that on the registration form.


Students should be able to complete a tangible outcome at the conclusion of each tutoring session or workshop. My goal is to make each session fun and exciting for the students.


8. My child cannot make a tutoring session or workshop due to illness or other circumstances, can he or she make- up the class?

Students are permitted to make-up one missed workshop per 12-week semester. The date and time of that make-up session will be added to the end of the 12-week semester. The make-up date appears on the schedule. 


9. My child is ill, but would still like to attend the English session, is that possible?

If your child is ill in anyway, it is best that he or she remain at home. Instead of attending the tutoring session or workshop, please use that time to rest and recover. Thank you for your understanding.


10. May I wait with my child while he or she is being tutored?

While your interest in your child’s academic progress is important, children tend to focus better when their parents are not present. I will provide you with an overview of your child’s academic progress, and speak to you directly about how your child is advancing with his or her English learning.


If you are looking for ways in which to fill the 1:15 minutes while your child is receiving lessons, please know there are shops, cafés, and lovely areas to walk in the immediate area until your child has finished. Please ask me for suggestions and I will be happy to inform you of these locations.

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